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Paint with Diamonds is such an art that has no form to put it into a phrase of simple lines or descriptions, yet you can unleash the magic behind every artistic curve when you take a deep dive into it using the perfect tools from Diamond Painting Hub USA. As it is said, the way you perceive is what you get; similarly, the way you are well-equipped will be the way to unleash the art essence. However, anyone can be an artisan, but you will be an art expert only when you analyze and upgrade your skill level eventually by practicing with the best paint by diamond kits.

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Custom Diamond Painting

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Any art book of diamond painting will be beautiful, but the one made using a diamond painting's own photo Netherlands will be everyone's favorite.

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Diamond painting has evolved as an exciting craft, inspiring many artists of all ages and places. Also, most of the crafters try to define it as a type of diamond embroidery art, as it seems similar to cross stitch frame art and paint by numbers. The only difference is that instead of using thread for a stitch, you will use colorful resin beads (diamonds) to craft a beautiful canvas. The facts that marked paint by diamonds as awe-inspiring art are:

Therapeutic Healing

The only way to get rid of unusual daily stress is by practicing a therapeutic process that heals you from the inside out. Paint with diamonds is such an amusing mental exercise that it improves your inner calmness in the process.

Thorough Workout

You might find many places for a physical workout or a mental workout alone, but not both at the same time. But with this diamond painting, you get both sorts of exercises while placing colorful diamonds throughout the artwork.

True Fun Time

If you are feeling bored with your daily routine and want to spend some quality time for yourself through any craft, then diamond painting will be the ultimate hobby. By practicing this as a hobby, you will slowly turn into an art enthusiast.

Thoughtful DIY

If you are the type of person who is interested in crafty DIY activities, then diamond painting will be the perfect one for you. You can follow the process and accomplish a craft piece that could be a decorative frame in your home.

Thrilling Gift

A diamond painting will be an extraordinary and cherishable present to gift your loved ones. You can just pick a random diamond painting or a personalized diamond painting, which could make the moment more auspicious and memorable for life.

Don't just involve yourself; indeed, evolve with art's ecstasy.


We believe that every art enthusiast will become an expert when they are equipped with efficient resources. Because when you are well-equipped with authentic tools, you will accomplish the predestined masterpiece with ease. Thus, at Diamond Painting Hub, we curate every kit carefully by considering the artist's zeal to procure a craft masterpiece. Our curated kits are embedded with top-quality tools, including a sample reference and an easy-to-diamond guide. By using the Diamond Painting Kit US on a practical note, you will unleash the art essence behind the scenes and feel more pride in exhibiting your self-crafted masterpiece to everyone.

All you can expect from us is authenticity and trustworthiness while we serve you the best with genuine products at notable and handy prices. So are you ready to unfold the kit of creativity and fun? Fill the shopping cart with all your favorites from the store.

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For all of the above, starting with your craft, make sure to get your diamond painting kit US from a genuine store source that facilitates you with an easy-to-follow referral guide embedded in the kit.


  • #1: Get a paint with diamonds kit from an authentic store.
  • #2: Unfold the kit and separate the tools.
  • #3: Remove the plastic protective sheet from the canvas.
  • #4: Place it on rigid support using wooden support.


  • #1: Go through the referral guide thoroughly.
  • #2: Place the sample portrait in front of you [such that you can have an easy glance at it].
  • #3: Follow the code pattern on the canvas and try placing diamonds.
  • #4: Make sure you are placing all the diamonds without missing a canvas block.

Tip: Try to start placing diamonds in the top corner. Also, choose to place other color diamonds only when you are done with the color you have chosen first [E.g., Let us say you have picked the color red and its code is 2, then try finishing all the code 2 blocks with red color and try choosing another one].


  • #1: Follow the same procedure for the entire portrait.
  • #2: Having completed placing all the diamonds on the canvas, leave it free for a few minutes.
  • #3: Cover the canvas with the protective sheet and place some heavy objects, like a rolling pin, to fix all the diamonds stiffly onto the canvas.
  • #4: Yay! That's it; your wonderful craftwork is ready now.

You can gift the art piece to yourself or your loved ones, which can be cherished for a long time.

Note: Usually, there will not be any particular time for finishing up this artwork, as it involves such an amazing process that can't be estimated but can be expected. Instead of setting a time limit to execute it, try involving yourself in it and enjoying the process, which might take as long as days, months, or years.

Happy Painting with Diamonds


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Don't let your doubts persist; indeed, solve them with proper information. Get well-answered for all your diamond painting queries through our all-in-one FAQ guide here.

Diamond paintings in precise are known as a form of mosaic artform. Also, they are addressed as a type of paint by numbers or a cross stitch art, where the only difference is that there is no thread, and needles are used in stitchy crafts. Most of artisans consider this art therapeutic relief as it involves a soothing process that could gradually reduce any unusual stress from everyday hustles and bustles. Got your diamond painting kit US yet? If not, buy now.

While you are starting with this diamond painting ensure that you place the canvas on a rigid support and remove the protective plastic sheet slowly. When starting with the diamonding, make sure that you do it from the top corner so that you will have a space down below on the canvas to rest your other hand. Try completing the color of diamonds you have chosen first [like, if you have picked a green color with a code of 3, then try completing the same color with similar code blocks on canvas]. This, on the other hand, will help you avoid missing any blocks on the canvas. Hurry up and get the diamond painting US today.

While in diamond painting, being well-equipped is crucial as it helps you execute the finest artwork. All you need are top-quality tools like pre-numbered canvas, a drilled pen, colorful diamonds, an organizing tray for diamonds, a referral guide, a sample portrait, and wooden support as per requirement. You can get all this with ease from diamond painting accessories at Diamond Painting Hub.

However there is no particular time in finishing up with this wonderful artwork also, there is no need to rush in this craftwork as there will be no restricted deadline for finishing up with this. Usually, it might take as long as you stay crafting persistently dedicated. In general, it can be in hours, weeks, months, or years. Instead of evaluating the period for accomplishing this fantastic art, try enjoying every curve in it.

Diamond painting is a magnificent art that can be practiced by everyone regardless of age. Yes, diamond painting is suitable for children; indeed, they will enjoy the fun of this craft. Also, a consistent practice of this artwork will tune children with improved cognitive thinking and life management skills. Go ahead and give your child this wonderful gift today. Get your diamond painting for kids today from Diamond Painting Hub.

To unleash a masterpiece, you need to be equipped with efficient diamond painting tools. Specifically, while purchasing a tool kit, you need to consider a few factors like its quality, durability, authenticity, and highly accommodating prices. It might be difficult but not impractical with Diamond Painting Hub; with us, you get all the premier diamond painting kits in the US at very reasonable prices.